Online store gives you several statistic by which you can easily get insights about your website traffic and trade transactions. Custom report lets you build your own reports by choosing dimensions and metrics you define per your needs. If you are a growing E-commerce company, your site’s user experience is changing just as fast as you are growing. The more site visitors you acquire, the more user experience problems you have. This means you need to be pulling the most relevant and accurate data to make sure your team can make smart, data-based decisions.


Many companies are focusing more on big data and analytics because it is a key factor in better decision-making capabilities, if captured, analyzed, communicated, and acted upon in a timely and efficient fashion.

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Analytics is about making good business decisions. It can solve a problem, be predictive, and be implementable. Just giving reports with number doesn’t help. In Equation, we provide valuable information in a way that best suits our decision-makers.


Applying analytics to business challenges can help companies achieve new insights, improve the operations, financial models, customer relationships, supply chain, identify opportunities for innovation, and competitive standing.

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