The packaging you use in E-commerce and direct to customer shipments acts as an ambassador of your brand. How it appears, how it protects the contents and even how the product is packed can reflect positively or negatively on your company. As the world of E-commerce develops so do the expectations of customers buying online. Years ago packaging and shipping was simply a way to receive a product purchased online, however, more and more, people are looking for shipping, packaging and presentation to all be part of the shopping experience.


One of the primary jobs of any package is to protect the product, and this is especially importance for E-commerce shipping cases. These packages must be designed to be durable enough to withstand the often complex automated and manual supply chains involved in delivering the product to the consumer’s doorstep.

Shipping cost

Most shipping couriers and shipping options are charged based on size and weight, you want to do your best to keep your packaging as small as possible. This will help you save not only on shipping costs incurred by you and your customer but also keep packaging costs from eating away your profit margin.

Barcode system

Barcodes reduce manual and paper-based data entry in the shipping process, which reduces human errors and discrepancies when packing, packing, and labelling. With global standard barcode system, you can synchronize the logistics transaction from your third party logistics service provider to worldwide distribution centre.

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