As a record-holder for the world’s freest economy, many investors are starting their company or overseas branch with one of the most popular jurisdictions being Hong Kong. The global leader in business, banking and tax-friendly comes with a multitude of benefits. Attractively, Hong Kong is also a great gateway for establishing your business in China or other Asian nations. With Equation, you can start your new company in Hong Kong step by step with the guided by our professional partners at a low cost.

Strategically location

Hong Kong at the heart of Asia, alongside many of the region’s most exciting business markets. As a special administrative region of China, the city is also the preferred first stepping stone for many Mainland Chinese businesses looking to pursue international opportunities and conduit for investment in both directions.


Hong Kong provides tax advantages such as a simple tax regime, an opportunity to gain tax-free profits, and low taxation rates for companies engaging in the business world. As a great location for international businesses searching for a tax-friendly environment, Hong Kong is no doubt an exceptional choice.

Well connection

With excellent transportation facilities and infrastructure, Hong Kong is the planet’s largest air-freight hub, and the place to be for international trade. You can enjoy the fast and reliable express delivery to more than 220 countries and territories around the world at competitive cost.

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